Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Water Dreams

What is this water that surrounds her

Day and night

And invades my dreams?

How is it she does not drown?

She makes me want

to move fluidly

To get up out of my chair

And flow in ways I have not

For years.

To think in ways

I have not thought before

Without borders to restrict

My reasoning

To reach out to heights and depths

I have only touched in memory

Or in dreams

Or never at all

It is a longing she implants in me

To roll like rain across the countryside

And gently caress the grass

The way she caresses me.

She is bone and flesh

and water

So salty

She sucks at it

imitating her longing to eat

to nourish herself

I can give her nothing except what I give myself.

Is that enough?

We are one and still we are separated by barriers.

I cannot hold her hands in mine, but she touches me with her fingers and toes.

My brain is working independently of hers, but our movements influence one another.

My heartbeat is separate from her own faster beating, but she causes mine to beat harder to provide more blood for her.

My legs and back are stiff, while hers are undulating like a fish.

She sends me dreams of oceans, rivers, pools of water

where I can be held up, where I can defy gravity for a moment.

This is what will pull her from me.

The turning of the earth, and the face of a full moon

Will one day turn her head towards the earth,

towards the surface of the seas

and she will dive into this world

for a moment, amphibian,

and then suddenly a lover of land.

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